Ealing Abbey Gregorian Chant Workshop

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th May 2016

Ealing Abbey Lay Plain Chant Choir are organising a Chant Workshop to be held on Saturday 7th May with a view to singing the chants for the 12:00 noon Mass (Ordinary Form) on Ascension Sunday (8th May).

The workshop will be led by Christopher Hodkinson, Director of the Schola. It will include practising the chants for the Ascension and tuition on aspects of singing Gregorian chant.

On Sunday 8th May there will be a practice at 10:30, followed by singing the Mass at 12:00.

All with some experience of singing chant or choral music welcome: £30, including light refreshments and materials.

Booking required.

Enquiries: Patrick & Annie Martin 020 8991 1081