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Each of the following CDs costs £14 which includes postage and packing. Further information is available from:

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Cohors leta ducat Chorum

Music in honour of the Blessed Virgin from the mediaeval convents of Fontevraud and Las Huelgas

Recorded in The Temple Church, London 2012 and featuring The Women Cantors and Choir of the Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge and the Bristol University Schola Cantorum.

Standing in one of Europe’s medieval churches, one often wonders what music sounded and resounded there, seven, eight, nine centuries ago, or even earlier. Gregorian chant, in one of its many local forms, would be the simple answer. But a number of exceptional manuscripts have survived, which show how in some places, alongside the universal practice, special chants and polyphonic pieces might heighten the solemnity of the great festival days of the church year. Two of these manuscripts have inspired our CD, music books from two of the most remarkable churches of medieval Europe, Fontevraud just south of the Loire between Tours and Angers in northwest France, and Las Huelgas near Burgos in northern Spain. The motets express in miniature the world of associations which nourished and inspired medieval worship. The music in the Fontevraud and Las Huelgas manuscripts illustrates beautifully the guiding principle of so much medieval creative endeavour, which grows out of age-old roots, putting forth ever new branches. So it is with the architecture of the churches where this music was sung, so also with the new texts blossoming forth from the biblical stem, and so with the chant, Gregorian, post-Gregorian, then branching out into two and three voices, all inspired by the desire to praise God on earth as a prelude to the eternal song of the life hereafter.

 The Dedication of the Temple: Music from the Templars’ Jerusalem Breviary

Recorded in The Temple Church, London 2009. This recording represents the culmination of a project that our founder, Dr Mary Berry, had in mind during her last year, and as such is naturally dedicated to her memory.




 Guillaume de Machault: La Messe de Nostre Dame

A live recording of a Celebration in Reims Cathedral.





 Tu es Petrus

Chants and motets in honour of St. Peter, recorded in the Vatican.




Angels from the Vatican

Missa de Angelis, Exsultet, and other music describing the manifestations of the Angels.






“Not Angles but Angels”

Chant to celebrate the coming of Augustine to England in A.D. 597, recorded in San Gregorio, Rome.





The Martyrdom of Saint Thomas Becket

The Unfinished Vespers of December 29 1170, recorded in Canterbury Cathedral





Mass of the Annunciation

A live celebration of High Mass according to the traditional Roman rite, with James O’Donnell organ





Ceremony of the Shepherds and Midnight Mass

According to the 13th-century rite of Rouen Cathedral, with the Choristers of King’s College, Cambridge





Marcel Dupré: Les Vêspres de la Vierge

15 Antiphons and Versets Op 18 recorded in Notre-Dame, Paris with Philippe Lefebvre grandes orgues, David Hill orgue de choeur





Abelard: hymns and sequences for Heloise

12th-century chant and liturgical dramas, with the Choristers of Winchester Cathedral





Pentecôte à Pontigny

Music in honour of three Archbishops of Canterbury





Christmas in Royal Anglo-Saxon Winchester

10th-century chant from the Winchester Troper





“Like the Sun in his Orb…”

13th-century chant from Salisbury Cathedral






Veilleurs dans la Nuit

Une Journee Monastique a l’Abbaye Sainte-Madeleine du Barrou (Watchers in the Night:A Monastic Day at the Abbey of Sainte-Madeleine of Barroux)

Some years ago the Schola visited the monastery of Le Barroux,a traditional Benedictine Monastery near Avignon, where members spent a happy weekend of worship and chant.

You may be interested to know that there is a recently released DVD from Le Barroux entitled Veilleurs dans la Nuit: Une Journee Monastique a l’Abbaye Sainte-Madeleine du Barrou (Watchers in the Night:A Monastic Day at the Abbey of Sainte-Madeleine of Barroux).

The DVD can be ordered via the Internet or bought at the monastery shop.