Chant Workshops

“The chant should be given pride of place in liturgical services”. (Vat.Council II Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy No.116).

Why not arrange a day or more of chant for your group?

The Schola is able to offer Chant Workshops under the direction of an experienced cantor, many of which have already been given with great success, in all parts of the UK. These can take the form of one-day events or weekend courses (for example from a Friday evening to Sunday morning) and will be tailored to suit the needs of your group, whether beginners or more advanced. Study can be general, focusing on basic musical and vocal principles, or more detailed, concentrating on one area of the repertoire. The Schola can provide all performing materials, and so far special projects have included:

  • The Marian Antiphons
  • Psalmody/Hymnody
  • Special Feasts (various)
  • The Life of St. Benedict (with narrative chants and readings)

We can also send a cantor to act as a musical consultant when you prepare your own project.

Workshops generally take place under the aegis of a parish, and will typically culminate in a liturgical service of Vespers or Compline or Mass (New or Old Rite).

It is understood that the venue and any necessary accommodation are the responsibility of the inviting parish or group.

Further Information

For further information please contact the Schola Gregoriana. You are advised to plan your event well in advance, three months notice and a choice of dates being the most advisable.