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Please use one of the following ways of contacting us:

Post: Schola Gregoriana, 47 Western Park Road, Leicester, LE3 6HQ



Please remember the Schola is here, even at difficult times. For example, the Schola Trustees are most anxious to ensure that Associates and their family members are supported with arrangements for a Requiem Mass, including musical help where that is possible (contact one of our musical directors). The Latin Mass Society also provides some excellent information about organising an ‘Old Rite’ Requiem Mass. Careful planning well beforehand and swift action at the time will help ensure an appropriate outcome.


From Bernard Marriott, Schola Treasurer:

Please think of the Schola when drawing up or amending your Will. We are a Registered Charity so bequests are not subject to Inheritance Tax, and we receive the entire sum which you leave to the Schola. It is wise to mention our Registered Charity number 287319, our formal name (Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge) and the Schola’s current registered address, which can always be found on our website. All bequests will be most gratefully received, and will help support the work of the Schola.