The uncertain future of Westminster Cathedral Choir

Followers of church music news will be aware of the recent crisis at Westminster Cathedral, following the announcement that full-time boarding for choristers was to be abolished last year, with the consequent reduction of the full daily choral liturgy in the Cathedral, cut back in rehearsal time and subsequent resignation of the Master of Music, Martin Baker. Schola Gregoriana, along with numerous choral foundations in the UK and further afield, had expressed concern that the changes had been introduced without adequate consultation. Faced with mounting opposition, the Diocese of Westminster finally announced a “Strategic Review of sacred music in the mission of Westminster Cathedral”. Julian Berkeley, Chairman of the Trustees of Schola Gregoriana and ex-chorister of the Cathedral was invited to meet the Review Panel on Saturday 29 February 2020. His submission on behalf of Schola Gregoriana is reproduced here:

Submission to RCDOW strategic review 2020 v3. pdf